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Another great kids’ Americana album! Matthew Clough is a special education teacher based in northern California, who just happens to be involved in the west coast Country Rock scene. Here’s the cool thing: Clough is using the attention and exposure gained from live performances and album sales to promote causes close to his heart, like Ability First Sports Camp, Sustainable Haiti, and Champ Camp. Music does, indeed, change the world.

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Fan Comments:

“Matthew Clough and The Electric Canyon Band continue their smooth blend of music on their third album for kids. Each of these ten original tunes by Clough gently present a message. Standouts include: “Full of Thanks,” a mellow tune that celebrates being alive and offers fun ways to show thanks; “Big Fat Hippo Critter” encourages listeners not to be a hypocrite; “Cuckoo Crush,” an upbeat song about puppy love; “Ants in Your Pants”, a ditty about being unable to sit still; “Tattle Tale” suggests the results of tattling and some alternatives; “No No Noah,” a funny tribute to a boy’s famous first and favorite word. Simplicity is the key to these songs, punctuating their sophisticated nature. Clough utilizes a group of kids to sing along occasionally, adding kid interest to this pleasant listen.

-Stephanie Bange, Wright State University, Dayton, OH

“Matthew Clough plays at our cafe from time to time. His music magically captures the deepest enthusiasm of children, while also giving parents something they love to sing along with. Amazing!”

-Monikah Niemczynowicz

“Matthew Clough’s songs are catchy and my boys love ’em! Such a great cd!! Cant wait for the next one…”

-Katie S.

“We were so happy when we found this CD for our kids. We like this CD as much as our kids do. The songs are intelligent, yet easily understandable for all ages. And our kids, always want to hear the CD over and over and over again. But this is one CD we don’t mind listening to over and over and over again. Anyone with kids, should get this CD!!!!”

-Mark Unger

“We saw Matthew Clough live today, bought a CD, he is great and my kids love the music!”


“A wonderful new album from one of west coasts favorite family rock artists. This album is full of upbeat, infectious rock grooves, and contagious songs for kids of all ages.”